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How to get to Gunung Batur

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The Perama shuttle bus runs a service to Kintamani on the caldera rim only with a minimum of two passengers.

Departing Kuta at 10:00 (150,000 rupiah); Sanur at 10:30 (150,000 rupiah); and Ubud at 11:30 (100,000 rupiah). However there is no return schedule — even though the buses must return south, they won’t take passengers. It you are staying down by the lake, you’ll need private transport from Kintamani, as bemos no longer ply this route.

It’s possible to travel to Kintamani via bemo, although they are infrequent after 12:00. Bemos travel between the terminal at Bangli and Singaraja. With connections at Bangli to Gianyar and Batubulan. There is no terminal in Kintamani, you’ll have to wave one down.

Hotels around Gunung Batur can arrange private transport. If you are driving yourself either by car, or particularly motorbike, be aware of loose gravel on the road dumped by overloaded trucks. This is especially a problem on the road between Penelokan and Kedisan.