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Lewoleba Airport (LWE) is a 10-minute ojek ride from downtown. The small airport has daily flights to and from Kupang by Trans Nusa (operated by Nam Air) and Susi Air. The flight time is 45 minutes and it is a very pretty flight. An ojek into town should cost around 20,000 rupiah.


To/from Lamalera
Buses and truck buses leave from Lewoleba’s Terminal Barat every morning at around midday for the four- to five-hour bumpy trundle down to Lamalera. Tell your accommodation the day before you plan to go and they can probably arrange for the bus to pick you up at your hotel (saving you the 5,000 rupah ojek ride to the bus station). The fare is 35,000 rupiah one way.

If you're riding yourself, the trip took us around 3.5 hours with frequent stops for photos. As of mid-2017, the road was quite bad in spots, but other stretches were good. Until the road repairs are complete, novice bikers should exercise care. Always wear a helmet. If you'd rather have someone ride for you, we were quoted 125,000 rupiah for the trip one-way by ojek.

If you're planning on riding from the southwest along the south coast to Lamalera, bear in mind the road is in an appalling state. Two French travellers we met who did it said it took them five hours to ride from Desa Tewaowutung to Lamalera. We wouldn't recommend doing this.

To/from Waijarang, Buor and Desa Tewaowutung
Small pickups make the run irregularly (ie when full) to Desa Tewaowutung from the market, around 4 kilometres east of Lewoleba. The going is slow and in places the road is quite poor. If possible we'd suggest doing the trip under your own steam as there are many points of interest worth slowing down for along the way. If you're just heading to Waijarang, go by ojek, which should cost 25,000 to 30,000 rupiah one way.

To/from Hadakewa, Balauring, Weikoro and Weiriang
For departures to the east, buses depart from Terminal Timur, roughly 6 kilometres to the east of Lewoleba. As with departures to Lamalera, if you let your hotel know the day before they can arrange the buys to pick you up in town (saving the ojek ride to the bus station). Departures are around midday. We were told the bus to Balauring takes around four to five hours, though there was substantial road work taking place along here in 2017, so the trip time should reduce once the road works are finished.


Lewoleba has two primary piers, one for the boats to Larantuka (on Flores), to Adonara and for the Pelni services, and a second pier out just before Waijarang village, which handles the scheduled ferry services to and from Alor on the MV Ileape.

The first pier is about a 15-minute walk from town, but the second is 15 minutes on an ojek—be careful not to mix them up!

Slow ferry services to Adonara and Larantuka depart daily at 08:00 and 11:30 (no 08:00 boat on Monday). Tickets are 50,000 rupiah. The trip to Larantuka takes 4-5 hours.

A daily speedboat service to Larantuka departs at 08:30 and costs 100,000 rupiah.