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How to get to Waikabubak

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Buses leave from the city bus terminal near the corner of Jalan Ahmad Yani and Jalan Pisang. Mornings are best as buses are more frequent. Approximate times and (local) prices:

Waingapu (50,000 rupiah; 4.5 hours);
Waitabula (20,000 rupiah; 1.5 hours);
Wanokaka (20,000 rupiah; 1.5 hours);
Lamboya (20,000 rupiah; 1.5 hours);
Kodi (30,000 rupiah; 2 hours).
A bemo anywhere around town is 4,000 rupiah.


Local guide Yuliana Leda Tara can help with a car and driver, else self-drive cars can be hired from Sumba Spirits from 650,000 rupiah per day. They also have motorbikes for 150,000 rupiah per day, but you may be better off hiring an ojek (motorbike taxi) who may (or may not) know where they are going.

Ojeks (motorbike taxi) can be hired from 150,000 rupiah to 250,000 rupiah per day, depending on distances. Your hotel can help you find one.

Sumba Spirits: Jl Wekerou; T: (0812) 3714 2888;
Yuliana Leda Tara T: (0812) 361 3224; (0822) 3621 6297;