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The bus terminal is in the centre of Jepara, two kilometres from the ferry port. Frequent buses depart for Kudus and Terboyo terminal in Semarang between 05:00 and 17:00. If you have a large bag, you may have to purchase an additional ticket on the smaller local buses. Agents sell tickets for buses to Surabaya, Jakarta, Yogyakarta and even Bali, but these will sometimes require a change at either Kudus or Semarang.

Sample fares include:
Kudus: 10,000 rupiah (1 hour)
Semarang: 15,000 rupiah (2.5–3 hours)

More convenient and more comfortable, regular shuttle buses run between Jepara and Semarang. They offer a door-to-door service and can meet you at the port, so costs work out about the same as the bus service when you factor in transport to and from bus terminals.

Hotel Kencana’s door-to-door shuttle service departs from Jepara to Semarang daily on the hour from 05:00 to 20:00 (45,000 rupiah; 2.5–3 hours).

Central Java Travel’s door-to-door shuttle service departs from Jepara to Semarang: (50,000 rupiah; 2.5–3 hours)
Monday: 06:00; 10:00; 14:00; 17:00
Tuesday to Friday: 07:00; 10:00; 14:00; 17:00
Saturday and Sunday: 07:00; 10:00; 13:00; 16:00

Satu Dunia Tours offer a once a day door-to-door service that meets the ferry at the harbour in Jepara to Yogyakarta for 150,000 rupiah (5 hours). From Yogyakarta to Jepara the shuttle departs 23:30 (although we discourage road travel at night in Java because of the insane driving antics of the larger long-haul buses).

Central Java Travel: Hotel Segoro; 1 Jalan Ringin Jaya, Jepara; (0813) 2579 9094
Hotel Kencana; 16A Jalan Pemuda, Jepara; T: (0812) 2660 6006;
Satu Dunia Tours: T: (0274) 414 431; (0274) 580 643;


Regular fast ferry (Bahari Express; 2 hours) and slow ferry (KMP Siginjai; 4-6 hours) operate between Jepara and Karimunjawa. You will need your passport to purchase tickets, and should arrive a good hour prior to departure. Try to book several days in advance for weekends and holidays as tickets sell out. Guesthouse and tour operators on Karimunjawa can help prepurchase tickets for a small fee.

The Bahari Express (fast ferry) is by far the most professional of the ferries to make the journey between Jepara and Karimunjawa with coach-like seats and air-con. Tickets for the two hour crossing cost 150,000 rupiah (executive class) and 175,000 rupiah (VIP class) one way, plus an additional 25,000 rupiah National Park fee for foreigners on the Jepara to Karimunjawa route.

T: Jepara (0291) 592 999; Karimunjawa (0297) 312 333

KMP Siginjai (slow ferry) is a mixed vehicle, cargo and passenger vessel. Tickets cost 76,000 rupiah (economy class) and 96,000 rupiah (VIP class) one way, plus an additional 25,000 rupiah National Park fee for foreigners on the Jepara to Karimunjawa route.

Schedules can change regularly and services are cancelled if there is inclement weather. In other words, a two-day visit can turn into five if the weather is bad enough.

Schedule at the time of research was:

Jepara to Karimunjawa:
Monday: slow ferry 07:00; fast ferry 09:00
Tuesday: fast ferry 09:00
Wednesday: slow ferry 07:00;
Thursday: No service
Friday: slow ferry 07:00; fast ferry 09:00
Saturday: slow ferry 07:00; fast ferry 10:00
Sunday: No service

Karimunjawa to Jepara:
Monday: fast ferry 12:00
Tuesday: slow ferry 07:00;
Wednesday: fast ferry 11:00
Thursday: slow ferry 07:00
Friday: slow ferry 13:00;
Saturday: fast ferry 07:00
Sunday: slow ferry 07:00; fast ferry 11:00

Getting around

Becaks meet the buses at the bus terminal and ferries at the port. A trip between the two is around 20,000 rupiah. Taxis around town use a metre, or you can negotiate a price for multiple destinations. We were happy with the service offered by Pak Sugiyanto T: (0852) 0010 9668; office (DNA Taxi): (0812) 2833 7400