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How to get to Kalibaru

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Kalibaru sits on the Banyuwangi to Surabaya line passing Jember and Probolinggo with multiple services daily in both directions. Some services link directly onward to Malang or Yogyakarta.

Sample details include:
Banyuwangi: 1.5 hours; 27,000–120,000 rupiah
Jember: 1.5 hours; 27,000–120,000 rupiah
Malang: 6 hours; 62,000 rupiah
Probolinggo: 3–3.5 hours; 27,000–160,000 rupiah
Surabaya: 5–6 hours; 56,000–200,000 rupiah
Yogyakarta: 11.5 hours; 94,000 rupiah

See for schedule details (Indonesian only). Bookings can be made with foreign cards at or purchased at any train station, Alfamart or Indomaret.

A local economy train runs twice daily in each direction between Jember and Banyuwangi stopping at Glenmore. Tickets for this service are not available online and can only be purchased at the station (8,000 rupiah, all destinations).


Buses heading west to Jember stop in front of Toko Sumber Agung (25 Jalan Raya Kalibaru)—look for the red and yellow banner advertising Khong Guan biscuits (20,000 rupiah; 1.5–2 hours)

Busses heading east to Banyuwangi stop in front of Kalibaru Railway Station (20,000 rupiah; 1.5 hours).


Private cars with driver are available to Banyuwangi for 800,000 to 1,000,000 rupiah and to destinations in Bali for 2,000,000 to 3,000,000.

Getting around

Hasym T: (0838) 4878 7919 or local guide Heru T: (0812) 3457 6776; (0853) 3897 4150; can help organise local ojeks and transport, or ask at your hotel. Additionally some hotels and guesthouses offer bicycles for hire starting around 50,000 rupiah per day.