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How to get to and from Malang

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Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport (MLG) is a small domestic airport, 12 kilometres northeast of Malang. regular services connect Denpasar (1 hour), Jakarta (1.5 hours) and Bandung (1.75 hours). Carriers include: Lion Air, Citilink, Sriwijaya Air and Batik Air.

The closest international airport to Malang is Juanda International Airport (SUB) in Surabaya.

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Malang’s train station is located 250 metres east of the Tugu roundabout at the end of Jalan Kertanegara.

Sample destinations include:
Bandung: 16 hours; 185,000–465,000 rupiah
Banjar (for Pangandaran): 12 hours; 185,000–445,000 rupiah
Banyuwangi: 8 hours; 62,000 rupiah
Jakarta: 13.5–15.5 hours; 109,000–535,000 rupiah
Kalibaru: 6.5 hours; 62,000 rupiah
Probolinggo: 3 hours; 62,000 rupiah
Semarang: 7–9 hours; 180,000–210,000 rupiah
Solo: 6–6.5 hours; 109,000–350,000 rupiah
Surabaya: 2–2.5 hours; 35,000–60,000 rupiah
Yogyakarta: 7–7.5 hours; 140,000–430,000 rupiah

See for schedule details (Indonesian only). Bookings can be made with foreign cards at or purchased at any train station, Alfamart or Indomaret.

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Malang’s main intercity bus terminal is Arjosari, six kilometres north of the city centre. Terminal Landangsari in the northwest of the city services Batu and destinations west, and terminals Gabang and Hamid Rusti in the south has buses to Blitar. Terminals are connected via a network of angots, local minibuses.

Sample details from Terminal Arjosari include (prices and travel times are approximate):
Bali: 11 hours; 220,000 rupiah
Bandung: 16 hours; 185,000–465,000 rupiah
Banyuwangi: 8 hours; 60,000–70,000 rupiah
Blitar: 3 hours; 25,000 rupiah
Jakarta: 19 hours; 350,000 rupiah
Probolinggo: 4 hours; 40,000–45,000 rupiah
Semarang: 7–9 hours; 180,000–210,000 rupiah
Solo: 8 hours; 115,000 rupiah
Surabaya: 2 hours; 15,000–25,000 rupiah
Yogyakarta: 10 hours; 150,000 rupiah

For Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport, white angkots (local minibuses) depart when full: 30 mins; 5,000 rupiah.

For Candi Singosari: green angkots which display “Singosari” depart regally during daylight hours (5,000 rupiah; 40 mins). Let the driver know you are going to the Candi and they will drop you at the corner where you can walk the 300 metres to the temple. From the Singosari market, blue angkots depart for Sumberawan only when there are enough passengers which can mean a wait of more than an hour (5,000 rupiah; 30 mins). To reach the temple it’s a further 500 metres walk. Candi Jago and Candi Kidal: catch a white angkot to Tumpang market (7,000 rupiah; 1 hour). From the market, walk 300 metres to Candi Jago. For Candi Kidal change at Tumpang market to a brown angkot (hourly until 16:00) (5,000 rupiah; 20 mins).

For Candi Badut: Angkots marked “AT” run between Arjosari Terminal and the small angkot subterminal Tidar pass nearby (5,000 rupiah).

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Getting around

Angkots ply routs between terminals, those marked with “A” eg “AT” or “GA” begin or terminate at Arjosari Terminal.

Online taxi / motorbike taxi services Go-jek and Grab both operate in Malang. You’ll have to download the app and register.

Many companies offer temple tours and trips to Bromo. We can recommend Bromo Holiday: T: (0818) 386 300, (0812) 3306 6434;

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