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How to get to Cimaja

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The closest transport hub to Cimaja is six kilometres east in Pelebuhan Ratu where there is a local bus terminal. Travelling in this region will inevitably involve a number of bus changes, depending on where you’re coming from or going to, but it’s not too big of a hassle.

There are no direct connections to Jakarta or Bandung from Pelebuhan Ratu, but you can transit via Bogor, Cibadak or Sukabumi. Pelebuhan Ratu Terminal can be confusing, but just let the friendly locals know your final destination and they will point you in the right direction.

Sample bus journeys from Pelebuhan Ratu include:

Bogor: 55,000 rupiah (MGI air-con); 35,000 rupiah (non-air-con) (4-5 hours)
Cibadak (for Jakarta): 20,000 rupiah (2 hours).
Sukabumi (for all points east with train and bus connections): 30,000 rupiah (MGI air-con) (2-3 hours).
Surade (for Ujung Genteng): This one is a bit more complicated and you’ll be looking at at least two to three busses, changing at Bagbagan and/or Kiara Dua.

Pelebuhan Ratu to Kiara Dua (yellow minibus) (30,000 rupiah; 1.5 hours) than Kiara Dua to Surade (25,000 rupiah; 3 hours). From Surade an irregular minibus runs to Ujung Genteng village (30,000 rupiah), but you will most likely have to charter a taxi or ojek to most accommodation. Expect to pay 50,000 to 80,000 rupiah for the one hour journey by ojek to Turtle Beach.

Allow up to an hour (possibly more) waiting time between each connection.


Sample prices for private car transfers for up to four passengers include for following. Ask at your accommodation for assistance.
Bandung: 850,000 rupiah
Jakarta airport: 900,000 rupiah
Jakarta: 850,000 rupiah
Pangandaran/Batu Karas: 1,500,000 rupiah
Ujung Genteng: 600,000 rupiah

Getting around

Minibuses regularly run in daylight hours from the terminal in Pelebuhan Ratu all along the coast and pass by Cimaja. The set local price for the 30 minute journey to Cimaja is 5,000 rupiah, but expect to pay at least double—more if you have luggage or a surfboard.

Ojeks waiting at the same terminal in Pelebuhan Ratu will run you to Cimaja for 30,000 to 50,000 rupiah depending on your bargaining skills. Most of the hotels in Cimaja offer private transfers from Jakarta and to other popular surfing spots along the coast including Ujung Genteng, Pangandaran and Batu Karas. Ojeks, taxis and motorbike hire (with surfboard racks) can also be arranged through your accommodation.