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How to get to Cipanas

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The nearby city of Garut is well connected with the rest of West Java. The main bus terminal is in the east of the town about five kilometres from Cipanas. For onward travel to Pangandaran change at Tasikmalaya.

Sample bus journeys include:

Bandung: 30,000 rupiah (3 hours)
Cisurupan (for Gunung Papandayan): 10,000 rupiah (1.5 hours)
Jakarta: 65,000 rupiah (5 hours)
Kampung Naga (enroute to Tasikmalaya): 15,000 rupiah (1 hour)
Leles (for Candi Cangkuang): 7,000 rupiah (30 minutes)
Tasikmalaya: 30,000 rupiah (2 hours)

Getting around

Local minibuses (angkutan) traverse Jalan Raya Cipanas. To connect with the terminal in Garut, you’ll need to change at the alun-alun intersection. Each journey costs 3,000 rupiah.

On-line motorbike taxi and car taxi service Go-Jek, operates in and around Cipanas. You will need to download the app.

Apit Martin: T: (0813) 8465 0740 is a reliable ojek driver who speaks a little English. He can also help organise taxis in the area.