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The best way to reach Yogyakarta from Pangandaran is to catch the train from Sidareja, which departs at 12:12 and 21:28 and takes between 3.5 and 4 hours. A business class fare is 110,000 rupiah and can be booked at the train station or via your guesthouse and this usually includes a shuttle bus direct to Sidareja.

To reach Sidareja via public bus from Pangandaran in time to make your train connection it is advised that you leave your guesthouse no later than 10:00, but preferably slightly earlier.

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The Pangandaran bus terminal is a kilometre inland from the beach and the northern section of accommodation where most foreign travellers choose to stay.

There is a little-known but tawdry racket operating on all buses to and from Pangandaran with prices being inflated by more than 100% if you are white or can't speak Indonesian. The prices below were correct at the time of writing and with inflation hovering at around 7% per annum, these prices should be the same or only slightly higher by the time you travel this route.

Tasikmalaya: 25,000 rupiah and taking 3 hours
Banjar: 15,000 rupiah and taking 1.5 hours
Sidareja: 20,000 rupiah and taking 2 hours
Cijulang (for Batu Karas): 5,000 rupiah and taking 1 hour
Cijulang to Batu Karas by ojek: 10,000 rupiah

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