How to get to and from: Ujung Genteng

How to get to Ujung Genteng

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Getting to and from Ujung Genteng can feel like an adventure where there are no direct connections and near everything involves one, two or three hops to cover even the shortest of distances. Pack some patience or add some allowance to your budget for vehicle hire.

To/from Jakarta, Bogor or Bandung
If coming from Jakarta, Bogor or Bandung, you must first get to Sukabumi’s Degung bus terminal. From here, catch an angkot (5,000 rupiah) or ojek (20,000 rupiah) to Sukabumi’s Lembur Situ bus terminal.

From Lembur Situ, catch the biggest bus you can find (the small buses stop regularly and are slow) to Surade (35,000 rupiah, 3.5 hours).

From Surade an irregular minibus runs to Ujung Genteng village (30,000 rupiah tourist pice), but you will most likely have to charter a taxi or ojek to most accommodation. Expect to pay 50,000 to 80,000 rupiah for the one hour journey by ojek to Turtle Beach.

To/from Cimaja
If coming from Cimaja, you don’t need to transit via Sukabumi. Instead get to Pelabuhan Ratu (from Cimaja) then head Surade, which will take two to three buses, with changes at Bagbagan and/or Kiara Dua.

Pelabuhan Ratu to Kiara Dua (yellow minibus) (30,000 rupiah; 1.5 hours); Kiara Dua to Surade (25,000 rupiah; 3 hours).

Once at Surade, continue as detailed above when coming from Jakarta, Bogor or Bandung.


If you are after a private transfer from Jakarta Airport to Ujung Genteng, we were quoted 1,200,000 rupiah for up to four passengers and the trip takes around seven hours. Contact your desired accommodation to arrange a pick-up and they may even be able to match you up with other guests to share the cost.