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How to get to and from Ketambe

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There is only one road in Ketambe and it is the main north-south road. You can either head north to Blangkejeran and Takengon (for Banda Aceh) or south to Kutacane (for Medan and Berastagi).

Labi-labi to Kutacane depart every 15 minutes from outside Sadar Wisata from about 07:00, take an hour and cost 10,000 rupiah. Be sure to confirm the current price with your guesthouse before departing as these drivers are known to overcharge if you're unsure of the price.

Once in Kutacane, there is regular direct transport to Berastagi and Medan costing 50,000 and 60,000 rupiah respectively and taking five and seven hours respectively. Ensure that you tell your labi-labi driver from Kutacane that you are heading to these places so that you can be dropped off at one of the bus agents on the main road. Also be sure to get current pricing from your guesthouse as agents often charge visitors more than the going rate.

Takengon bound L300s can be arranged through your guesthouse, depart at around 10:00, take nine hours and cost 150,000 rupiah.

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