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How to get to Muang Long

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There's really only two directions to head out of Muang Long. Route 17B will take you to Xieng Kok at the Mekong river border between Laos and Burma, or in the direction of Muang Sing and Luang Nam Tha. The road is unpaved, rough and dusty but it’s likely to be improved within a few years – a new bridge is set to open in Xieng Kok in 2015 and Route 17B will become an important corridor linking China and Burma.

Departure times below are estimates: show up before the scheduled time and buses depart when full. Cost depends on the number of people and the price of petrol. The other option is to charter the whole songthaew.

Luang Nam Tha (108 km) departs at 08:30, takes 4 hours, 50,000 kip, or catch a bus to Muang Sing and change buses.
Muang Sing (50 km) departs 08:00, 10:00, 13:00, takes 1.5 hours, 30,000 kip
Xieng Kok (23 km) departs 11:00, takes 1 hour, 25,000 kip

Getting around

A daytrip to Muang Long from Muang Sing is possible. You can hire a motorbike or private vehicle and driver in Muang Sing. That said, it would be quite a rough ride on a motorbike and you’re not likely to find a mechanic should there be a breakdown on route.