Photo: Plain of Jars.

How to get to and from Phonsavan

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Phonsavan's airport is around five kilometres to the south of town along the road to the Plain of Jars. At the moment Lao Airlines flies five times per week between Vientiane and Phonsavan with a one-way flight costing around US$90. Note booking agents refer to Phonsavan's airport at Xieng Khuang and it has the airport code XKH.

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A number of bus and songathaew stations are located around town. The main inter-provincial bus station is four kilometres to the west of Phonsavan. Buses travel to Vientiane, Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang, Sam Neua and Vinh in Vietnam. A tuk tuk from here to your hotel will cost 10,000 kip per person with a minimum of two people.

Sample destinations include:
Luang Prabang: Departs at 08:30, takes 10 hours and costs 90,000 kip.
Sam Neua: Departs at 08:00, takes 10 hours and costs 80,000 kip.
Vientiane: Departs at 07:00, 08:00, 10:30, 16:30, 18:30, 20:00, takes 10 hours and costs 110,000 kip.

The southern bus station services the newly opened southern route to Paksan and is located four kilometres south of town. This bus leaves at 07:00 daily and costs 100,000 kip to Paksan (eight hours) and an extra 10,000 kip if you want to continue onto Vientiane (10 hours).

The songthaew station is about a kilometre to the west of the main intersection in town and services local destinations such as Muang Khoun and and Muang Kham.

A minibus station is located next door to the songthaew station, but the reality is that foreigners will usually be picked up from their hotels for an extra fee of around 20,000 kip. If you want to save money and still use the minivan, catch a tuk tuk to the bus station for about 5,000 kip per person and be there by 08:00, at which time the van departs to pick up tourists from their hotels.

At the time of writing, the only routes available using minivan were Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng (both 110,000 kip) with Vientiane temporarily suspended.

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Where to next?

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