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How to get to and from Salavan

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Salavan bus station is located at the west edge of the town, at the southeast corner of the junction where Road 20 enters the town.

Transport is mostly in the form of local buses or songthaews that depart when there are enough people, with the exception of the VIP buses to Pakse and Vientiane. It’s best to confirm the departure time at the station in advance rather than rely on what’s written on boards. Arrive at least 30 minutes before the bus is scheduled to leave though like all local buses in Laos, it’s a game of hurry up and wait.

Note that buses to Vientiane and Tha Khaek can drop off in places such as Pakse. Any bus heading south on Road 20 (Pakse, Laongam) can drop off en route for Tad Lo.

Khongsedone: departs at 10:30. Costs 30,000 kip.
Laongam: departs at 11:00-12:00. Costs 20,000 kip.
Pakse: VIP bus departs at 07:30. Costs 40,000 kip.
Paktaphane: departs at 07:30. Costs 40,000 kip.
Sekong: departs at 08:30. Costs 30,000 kip.
Savannakhet: local bus departs at 06:30, 07:30, costs 40,000-65,000 kip. VIP bus departs at 14:00, costs 70,000 kip. Another VIP bus departs 16:00, costs 130,000 kip.
Ta-Hoy: departs at 12:00. Costs 40,000 kip.
Thateng: departs at 10:00-11:00. Costs 20,000 kip.
Tha Khaek: local bus departs 08:30, costs 85,000 kip. VIP bus departs 16:00, costs 150,000 kip.
Tokhet: departs at 07:00. Costs 50,000 kip.
Vapimay: departs at 10:30. Costs 20,000 kip.
Vientiane: local bus departs 08:30, costs 130,000 kip. VIP bus departs at 14:00, costs 160,000 kip. Another VIP bus departs 16:00, costs 190,000 kip.

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Getting around

Salavan is really best for those with their own transport—though not huge, the guesthouses, banks, eating spots, river and bus station are sprawled across around three kilometres. We saw some tuk-tuks at the bus station, but it would be hard to find one if you're just roaming the streets—count on walking or relying on your own transport.

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