How to get to and from: Pangkor Island

How to get to Pangkor Island

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The closest active airport to Pangkor is at Ipoh. Ipoh Airport is served by Firefly (two flights daily from Singapore) and Malindo (3 flights a week to Johor Bahru).


By train to Lumut, the ETS (Electric Train Service) from Kuala Lumpur will get you as far as Batu Gajah in about two hours, then you will need to finish the journey with a 40-minute taxi ride to Lumut. KTM Komuter trains are also available from Kuala Lumpur and Penang to Ipoh, where you can then take a bus (or taxi) the 84 kilometres onward to Lumut. Travel time to Ipoh, either way, is about three to four hours.

Train from Kuala Lumpur to Batu Gajak / Ipoh:
Leaving from KL Sentral the ETS is by the far the quickest way to travel to Lumut via Batu Gajah, with trains running from 10:00 until 21:00. The fare is 25 or 35 ringgit depending on the specific train's service (gold or silver). It is then a 70-minute taxi ride from Batu Gajah to the Lumut ferry terminal.

KTM is the national rail service and it has two trains from KL Sentral to Ipoh daily at 16:05 and 22:00. The fare for first class is 35 ringgit and second class is 21 ringgit.

Train from Butterworth to Ipoh:
Two trains depart from the Butterworth station daily at 08:00 and 22:20. The fare for first class is 36 ringgit and for second class is 22 ringgit.


Getting to the mainland town of Lumut from either Penang or Kuala Lumpur is relatively easy and quick by bus, with each route taking approximately three to four hours.

From Kuala Lumpur
Head to Pudu Central Station, from where Transnasional, Sri Maju and Plusliner have buses direct to Lumut every 15 minutes daily. Be sure you specify the Lumut Jetty as your final destination; the bus station is just a short walk from the Jetty. Average fare is 25 ringgit.

From Penang
You can catch a bus from Butterworth to Lumut Jetty. The Butterworth bus and train stations (Penang Sentral) are conveniently located next to the Butterworth ferry terminal. Sri Maju is the quickest and most direct service but Transnasional also provides a service with more local stops. Buses run from 09:00 until 20:30. Average fare is 16.50 ringgit.


The only way to get to Pangkor is by ferry – the airport was recently closed. Ferry service is available at Marina Bay at Teluk Batik and at the main ferry terminal in Lumut on the mainland. Although it's a relatively short distance from the mainland to the island (as the crow flies), it takes about 45 minutes to reach Pangkor by the not-so-high-speed ferry. With a total of three jetties on the island, the arriving ferry from Lumut will deliver local passengers and island goods deliveries to the two jetty locations prior to their final stop at Pangkor Jetty in Pangkor town. Returning to Lumut takes the same amount of time as the ferry reverses the pick up schedule.

Lumut waterfront
Daily 07:00 – 20:30 ,about every 45-minutes
Adults 10 ringgit roundtrip (even if you lose your return ticket)
Children 5 ringgit roundtrip

Getting around

It is easy to get around Pangkor, as the main roads basically circle the island, making for easy self-guided exploration.

Taxis are cheap as well as easy to spot (lilac-pink), with a basic rate of about 15 ringgit to go from the east to west coast. If the flat rate inches towards 25 ringgit or more, consider shopping around, but for the most part the taxi drivers are friendly and honest. Day rates will be at the drivers' discretion.

Motorbikes are available at 30 ringgit per day, with some hotels charging an additional 20 ringgit for the arrangement. A small deposit may be required as well as showing a driver's license. If you have never ridden a motorbike before, Pangkor Island is not the place to learn, as some of the winding roads have steep drops.

Bicycle rentals are available, but their visibility is not obvious and you may need to inquire at a few hotels or tour operators to access one. Around 15 ringgit per day is the going rate with a small deposit possibly required as well.