How to get to and from: Kinabalu Park

How to get to Kinabalu Park

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From Kota Kinabalu, minivans and share taxis leave Merdeka Square bound for Ranau and pass Kinabalu Park. Ask them to drop you off at the park entrance (20 ringgit, around 2 hours). They operate between 07:30-17:00 and depart when full. Share taxis are often more careful drivers.

Large buses depart Kota Kinabalu bound for Sandakan, Lahad Datu and Semporna and pass Kinabalu Park from the North City Bus Terminal at Inanam at regular set times, but the smaller minibuses and share taxis are more convenient.

From eastern Sabah, take any bus bound for Kota Kinabalu and ask them to drop you off at the park entrance. Even though it’s 80 kilometres short of the city, they’ll charge you the full fare (43 ringgit from Sandakan, 53 ringgit from Lahad Datu, 75 ringgit from Semporna)

When it’s time to leave the park, walk to the main road and flag down the passing buses; they’ll be watching for you. Buses and minivans to Kota Kinabalu pass by roughly every hour from 07:00 until 20:00 (20 ringgit). East-bound buses to Ranau and Sandakan pass by roughly every hour in the morning, less frequently in the afternoon (43 ringgit). The park reception office can give you a better estimate.

Getting around

For transport around the mountain, the transport centre in the park can arrange a ride to Timpohon to begin the climb. Make sure you arrange for return transport after the climb as it’s a long walk on jelly legs. 1-4 climbers + 1 guide: 17 ringgit one way; above 5 climbers: 4.50 ringgit per person.

Opposite the park entrance is the unofficial taxi stand where prices are “set” but highly negotiable and you can find others to share a taxi. This is your best bet for transport to Poring as there is no public bus. Taxi fares are as follows: Kundasang 30 ringgit; Ranau 60 ringgit; Poring 100 ringgit.

Ranau is a transport hub. The bus stop for large buses between Kota Kinabalu and eastern Sabah is on the main highway. The minivan and share taxi terminal is east of KFC. You will be offered transport all over town by both official and unofficial taxis. Taxi fares from Ranau are as follows: Poring: 60 ringgit; Sabah Tea: 60 ringgit; Kinabalu Park HQ: 60 ringgit. Fares are negotiable.

A reliable local taxi driver is Jason: T: (0135) 591 431. He is based near Kinabalu Park HQ, but can pick up or drop around the region. He speaks basic English and fluent Japanese.

From Poring, Jonis from Ernah Lodge can arrange transport services: T: (0148) 555 543; (0168) 259 431; (0888) 76421;