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How to get to and from Bako National Park

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From the centre of Kuching, get the Rapid Kuching bus (no. 1) and tell the driver you want to go the Bako jetty; this should cost 3.5 ringgit. Once at the jetty, you will have to charter a boat, which costs 97 ringgit return, and at this point you'll have to confirm a return date and time with your boatman.

A nifty tip is to wait until there are four of you, so that even if you are not returning at the same time, you can still share a portion of the outgoing boat cost. If you are coming back on the same day, then all the better.

To maximise your chances of bumping into people, try to get to the jetty as early as possible as most people get there around 08:00. It's also worth enquiring about the tides and what time the low one is, otherwise you'll get stuck at the jetty for a few hours while the tide comes into an acceptable level to be able to boat across to Bako island.

Bus times:
Kuching–Bako jetty: Every hour, on the hour from 07:00. Last bus is at 17:10.
Bako jetty–Kuching: 06:30 and 07:00, then half past the hour every hour, the last bus is at 17:30.

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Getting around

It won't surprise you to find out that there are no roads on Bako, so the only way of getting round is under your own steam or by boat.

Boats can be chartered and will fit up to four people – a good tip is to hire a boat one-way to a beach on a trail and then hike back from that point. This means that you get to enjoy the beach but with only half the effort.

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Where to next?

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