How to get to and from: Ko Wai

How to get to Ko Wai

Tiny Ko Wai sits around six km south of Ko Chang and can be reached by public boats from there, Ko Mak and Ko Kut, but only in high season.

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Most travellers reach Ko Wai via island-hopping boats that stop here when cruising between Ko Chang, Ko Mak and Ko Kut in high season from November through April.

A slow boat departs Ko Chang’s Bang Bao pier at 09:00 and costs 300 baht to Ko Wai, arriving 45 minutes later. It anchors briefly offshore as small motorboats from all of Wai’s resorts shuttle passengers to and from the ferry. Those who aren’t sure where they’re staying will most likely end up in front of Good Feeling or Koh Wai Paradise after paying a boatman 20 baht for the lift.

Speedboats that depart the same pier on Ko Chang at 09:30 and 12:00 stop at Ko Wai for 400 baht, but only if enough passengers want to go there. Again, if there’s enough demand, all of these boats also make a stop at Wai after returning south from Ko Kut and Ko Mak. Speedboats can pull up right onto the sand in front of Koh Wai Paradise.

If you’re coming from the mainland, travel agents in Trat town told us that the Leelawadee speedboats departing at 11:30 and 14:00 from Laem Ngop “sometimes” stop at Ko Wai on their way to Ko Mak. Later that night we met a solo traveller who wanted to go straight to Wai but decided to go via Ko Chang after his search for a direct boat proved fruitless.

In low season, Ko Wai can only be reached by private boat.

Map of ferry options in Ko Wai

Map of eating options for Ko Wai
Map of ferry options for Ko Wai