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Orange fan-cooled buses depart Fang for Chiang Mai’s Chang Puak bus station every 30 minutes, costing 80 baht. First leaves at 04:10, last at 17:00. In the opposite direction the same buses will take you to Mae Ai or Tha Ton for a mere 13 baht.

Yellow songthaews also ply the route to Mae Ai and Tha Ton and you can flag down anyone heading in the right direction along the 1089. A ride to Mae Ai will set you back 14 baht and Tha Ton 23.

There’s also an hourly air-con minibus service for Chiang Mai for 150 baht between 07:00 and 17:00. All Chiang Mai-bound transport stops at Chiang Dao and Mae Taeng and Mae Malai if you’re trying to change onto a Pai bus. For Wiang Haeng, you’re better off continuing into Chiang Dao town.

The office for Bangkok services is located on the opposite side of the main road and schedules three departures, at 07:00, 16:00 and 17:00. The morning bus is regular air-con for 601 baht while the two night sleepers are advertised as VIP buses and cost 701 baht.

Fang Bus Station
Chotsana Rd (Route 107), Fang
T: (053) 215 604
Enquiries open 07:00-17:00


If you wish to hire a songthaew, then a return trip to the hot springs at Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park will cost you 500 baht or Doi Ang Khan 1,500 baht.

If you’re not confident on a bike on steep mountain roads, the latter is not a bad idea. There’s a songthaew station on the road that leads up to hilltop Wiang Suthor (by the provincial police station). Or you can try outside the market or just ask your hotel reception to organise one for you. We used a driver going by the name of Mr B -- reachable on (088) 403 0875 -- who was a nice guy but didn't speak a lot of English.

Note at the time of writing in mid-2015, no motorbike hire is available in Fang -- the closest possibilities are Chiang Dao or Tha Ton.