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There is as yet no public service of any kind on the Wiang Haeng to Pai route so, aside from occasional morning songthaews plying the mountain road between Piang Luang, Kae Noi and Muang Na, the only regular public transport is up and down Highway 1322. Four minibus departures per day are scheduled between Piang Luang and Chiang Mai’s Chang Puak bus station stopping en-route at Wiang Haeng, Chiang Dao and Mae Taeng.

From Piang Luang times are 07:30, 10:00, 13:30 and 15:30 and a seat will cost you 152 baht. The minibus station is atop the ridge to the right as you enter town but locals can show you where you can buy a ticket in the centre without climbing the hill. From Wiang Haeng using one of the Piang Luang office’s numbers below should do the trick but either way do try and reserve a seat in advance.

For Wiang Haeng departures then add on between 15 and 30 minutes and wait outside the 7-eleven store in the centre of town. There’s no discount for boarding in Wiang Haeng nor for alighting in Chiang Dao while just doing the 15-kilometre hop between Wiang Haeng and Piang Luang or vice versa will set you back 50 baht. Allow around four hours to reach Chiang Mai.

Motorbike taxis and the occasional songthaew ply the route between Wiang Haeng and Piang Luang. Songthaews crawl up and down the main street of Piang Luang, stopping at various points along Wiang Haeng’s stretch of 1322, while moto taxis for Lak Taeng can be found next to the Coke and Coffee restaurant.

Coop Daothong Transport Piang Luang Bus Station. T: Piang Luang (053) 476 208, Chiang Mai (053) 224 071. Open Mo–Su: 06:30–16:00