Photo: Street fare for Takua Pa's market.

How to get to and from Takua Pa

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Takua Pa is located near the major junction of Rte. 4, which leads north to south from Ranong and Khuraburi to the north all the way to Phuket, Phang Nga and beyond to the south, and Rte. 401, which goes east to Khao Sok National Park and eventually Surat Thani. Thus, Takua Pa's bus station is one of the larger and busier ones in the region, and is easily reached from either the Southern or Morchit bus terminals in Bangkok.

From Takua Pa, sample fares include:

Bangkok: VIP costs 857B, departs at 18:15 and 19:30 and takes about 12 hours. 2nd class costs 428B, departs at 15:10 and 17:10, and takes about 13 hours.
Khao Lak: Costs 50B using the same bus that goes to Phuket, leaving every hour from 5:00 to 19:00 and taking about one hour.
Khao Sok National Park: Costs 60B using the same bust that goes to Surat Thani departing roughly every hour and taking about one hour.
Khuraburi: Costs 60B using the same bus that goes to Ranong, leaving roughly every hour and taking about one hour.
Krabi: Costs 130B, departs at 10:30 and 13:30, and takes about four hours.
Phang Nga: Costs 60B using the same bus that goes to Krabi, leaving at 10:30 and 13:30 and taking about one hour.
Ranong: Costs 130B, departs roughly every hour and takes about three hours.
Phuket: Costs 110B, departs every hour between 5:00 and 19:00, and takes about three hours.
Surat Thani: Costs 130B, departs roughly every hour and takes about 5 hours.

Note - to get to destinations further south (such as Trang and Hat Yai) it's necessary to go to Phang Nga (or Krabi) and switch buses there.

To Ko Kho Khao
The pier to Ko Kho Khao (Nam Khem Pier) is located about 8 km west of the Takua Pa bus station in the village of Ban Nam Khem. There are a few ways to get here from Takua Pa.

The first option is to hop on the bus bound for Phuket and tell the driver you're going to Ko Kho Khao You should be let off at the entrance road to Ban Nam Khem and would need to walk the four km from there to the pier, or hitch a ride.

Alternately, a private songthaew will cost a flat rate (not per person) of 200B from the bus station to the pier, or a motorbike taxi can take individuals for 100B. Longtail boats run regularly between 7:00 and 20:00 and cost 20B per person.

It's also possible to take a motorbike or car across on the car ferry, which runs about every half hour from 7:00 to 17:00. Once on Ko Kho Khao songthaews are plentiful to take you where ever you want to go, or it's possible to rent motorbikes at any of the several travel companies near the pier. It's also worth noting that most of Ko Kho Khao's resorts can arrange a pick up service at the bus station in Takua Pa.

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