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How to get to and from Ko Chang Noi

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Ko Chang Noi is usually reached from Ko Phayam Pier in the mainland city of Ranong (see the Ranong travel section for details on getting there).

In high season, longtail ferries depart from Ranong at 09:30, 13:00 and 14:00 for 200 baht and take two hours, returning from Ko Chang Noi at 09:00 and 13:00. These drop off and pick up travellers directly on any of the west-coast beaches. When making the return trip, wait on the beach and flag down the boat as it passes—and prepare to get wet from the waste down.

Also in high season, speedboats depart from Ranong at 09:30 and 10:30 for 350 baht, returning from Ko Chang Noi at 08:00 and 15:00. These dock at the New Pier on the east coast and the price supposedly includes a ride to/from your resort.

In low season, a single slow boat departs Ranong at 09:30, weather permitting.

If you prefer to book your travel in advance, you can book ferry tickets to Ko Chang Noi online with Ranong Ferry who can arrange both slow boat and speed boat ticketing.

From Ko Phayam, in high season only, two speedboats per day can drop off passengers at the New Pier on Chang Noi for 350 baht. Options are more limited if heading from Chang to Phayam. Koh Chang Resort has its own boat and pier but does not offer a consistent departure. They charge 2,000 baht for a one-way trip to Phayam—that’s for the whole boat, not per person—though it was unclear to us if staff will help travellers link up to save cash. Otherwise, most resorts can arrange private longtail transfers to Phayam for around the same price. As a last resort, you could go back to Ranong and transfer to a Phayam-bound boat; they depart at least once an hour in high season and cost 200 to 350 baht.

If heading to Ao Siad from Ranong, take a slow boat departing for Ko Phayam at 09:30, 10:00 or 14:00 in high season, and call one of the bungalow owners on Ao Siad to come out and meet the boat to fetch you. From Ko Phayam, we were told to take the 14:00 slow boat. In either direction, be sure to tell the boat staff you’re heading to Ao Siad / Ao Lek. Alternately, a private transfer by longtail from Ao Yai to Ao Siad costs around 700 baht one-way, or you could take a motorbike taxi as far south as they can go and then hike the final two kilometres to Ao Siad.

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Getting around

Ko Chang Noi is a fairly big island and motorbike rental is not available unless you can convince a resort owner to lend you their personal vehicle. A couple of motorbike taxi drivers sometimes hang around the New Pier, where a sign is posted in English with fares to all of the resorts along with phone numbers for drivers. From there, expect to pay 100 to 150 baht to any beach other than Ao Siad.

Bicycle rental was also very rare at time of writing, which is surprising given that Ko Chang Noi seems like a great place for mountain biking. We were told that the bakery located on the lane running inland behind Koh Chang Resort may have a couple of pushbikes for rent. Otherwise you might try to rent one in Ranong or on Ko Phayam and bring it over to Chang on a ferry; just make sure the owner knows what you’re up to!

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