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A number of travel offices near the train station in Trang town sell all-in minibus/boat transfers to Ko Muk. Refer to the Trang transport section for info on getting there and onward transport overland. All prices listed here are per person.

To/from Trang
All year round, a minibus departs the train station area in Trang at 11:30 and connects to the local ferry for Ko Muk at Kuan Thung Khu pier, costing 250 baht all up. If you're coming to the pier on your own, the local ferry departs at 13:00 and costs 100 baht. The ferry disembarks at the main pier off Ao Kham on Ko Muk, where you can catch a sidecar motorbike taxi to Haad Farang for 50 baht per person. The ferry returns to Kuan Thung Khu and a waiting Trang-bound minibus at 08:00.

In high season (roughly November to April), a minibus departs Trang at 11:00 and connects to a shared longtail boat, also at Kuan Thung Khu, for 350 baht all up. Depending on demand, additional transfers may depart Trang at 09:00 and 16:00. These boats disembark directly on the sand at Haad Farang, returning to Kuan Thung Khu at 09:00 (with later options dependent on demand).

A private transfer between Trang town and Ko Muk will cost 1,400 baht total (per group, not per person). Private longtail boats to Ko Muk can also be arranged at Pakmeng Beach for around 1,500 baht.

Other islands
From November to March 31 (perhaps into April for Tigerline and Petpailin), four different boat companies connect Ko Muk directly to a number of other islands. Tickets can be booked through resorts and travel agents on Ko Muk; whoever sells you the ticket will need to call ahead to tell your boat of choice to stop here, so it's best to give them prior notice. The speedboats pick up at Haad Farang while the larger ferries dock at the main pier off Ao Kham.

Heading north, the Bundhaya and Satun Pakbara speedboats pick up on Muk at 11:00 and reach Ko Ngai at 11:30 for 350 baht; and Ko Lanta at 12:00 for 900 baht. Passengers heading to Ko Phi Phi, Phuket, Ko Jum and Krabi can make a transfer on Lanta.

The cheaper/slower Petpailin ferry also runs north to Lanta, picking up on Muk around 11:30. This option can include a direct transfer to Ko Phi Phi or Phuket.

Heading south, speedboats pick up on Muk at 11:30 and reach Ko Kradan at 11:45 for 300 baht (Satun Pakbara only); Ko Bulon Lae at 12:30 for 900 baht; and Ko Lipe at 13:30 for 1,400 baht.

Speedboats to Ko Muk depart Ko Lipe at 09:00; Ko Bulon Lae at 10:00; Ko Lanta at 10:30; Ko Kradan at 10:45; and Ko Ngai at 11:00. The Petpailin slow boat runs to Ko Muk from Ko Ngai at 09:30, stopping at Ko Kradan en route.

A bit slower/cheaper than the speedboats, the Tigerline ferry connects Ko Muk directly to Ko Phi Phi, Phuket, Hat Yao pier in Trang, and Langkawi island in Malaysia, plus all of the other islands listed above except Ko Bulon Lae. The southbound boat departs Phuket at 08:00 and picks up on Ko Muk at 12:00, while the northbound boat departs Langkawi at 09:00 and picks up on Muk at 13:00. More info and booking at

You can also take a private longtail boat to Ko Kradan or Ko Ngai for around 800 baht from Haad Farang, slightly more from Ao Kham. Expect to pay around 2,500 baht for a private longtail to Ko Libong. As with Ko Sukorn, Libong is most often reached via a cheaper minibus/ferry transfer from Trang town.

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Getting around

It's a pleasant 20-minute walk between Ao Kham and Haad Farang. At either beach, sidecar motorbike taxis will cruise you across the island for 50 baht per person.

Mountain bikes can be rented at Charlie Resort for 200 baht a day, while regular pushbikes are available in the main village for 100 baht (they can be delivered if you ask your resort to phone ahead).

Motorbikes can be rented at Lucky Shop in the main village for 250 baht a day, and Mr Jak (089 874 6644) will deliver if you phone him in advance. Charlie Resort rents motorbikes for 400 baht a day.

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Where to next?

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