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If you're heading up from Saigon, buses to Dong Xoai depart from the Mien Dong bus station, north of town, on Route 13 (Quoc Lo 13). A motortaxi to the station should cost 30,000 VND or so, and a taxi should be 60-70,000 VND. There are regular departures all day, 25,000 VND, takes two hours. Buses do not necessarily stop at the Dong Xoai bus station -- try to get them to drop you at the roundabout in the centre of town since that's probably where you're heading.

Approaching from the north, make sure you're on a bus that passes through Buon Ma Thuot and continues along Route 14 to reach Saigon.

Getting out of Dong Xoai is a bit more tricky. Buses do not necessarily stop at the bus station. From early morning until about 19:00, the vast majority of buses pick up passengers along the route, and they don't run on a set schedule. The best place to flag down a bus is at the roundabout. It's just a matter of waiting on the right corner and keeping an eye peeled for the right bus.

Southeast corner: Bu Dang, as well as Dak Nong and Dak Lak provinces to the north
Northeast corner: Phuoc Long
Northwest corner: Binh Long, Loc Ninh (via Nhon Thanh, also called Chon Thanh)
Southwest corner: Saigon

Accurate fare info for these buses was not available, but prices run from 10,000 VND to get to Nhon Thanh (Chon Thanh), 25,000 to get to Saigon, and we paid 50,000 to head north to Gia Nghia.

For long distance buses, head to the bus station and book a ticket -- buses depart any time from 19:00 to 21:00. Fare info posted at the station often goes by the province where the bus terminates, so buses to places like Cao Bang, Lang Son and Thai Nguyen pass through Hanoi, and you'll also have to figure out what province the city you're headed to is in to get on the right bus (e.g. Cau Lanh is in Dong Thap province.) Some sample fares:

Bac Lieu: 100,000 VND
Dong Thap (Cau Lanh): 75,000 VND
Hue: 240,000 VND
Quang Ngai: 182,000 VND
Thai Nguyen (via Hanoi): 404,000 VND
Tra Vinh: 68,000 VND

Buses to Pleiku depart in the morning between 07:00 and 08:00, 93,000 VND.

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Getting around

Motor taxis are widely available at the usual rate: about 10,000 VND for any significant distance.

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