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Chau Doc bus station is a little over two kilometres to the southeast of town on the main road in from Long Xuyen. A xe-om from the bus station into town should cost around 20,000 dong. Buses leave throughout the day to regional centres, and outside of Tet there is little need to book in advance. Note that buses to Ho Chi Minh City pass through, or go fairly close to (though not necessarily through) Long Xuyen, Sa Dec and Vinh Long, so you may well end up on a HCMC–bound bus and just be let off along the way.

Sample fares include:
Can Tho 57,000–90,000 dong
Ha Tien 48,000 dong Departs at 07:00 and 09:00 only
Ho Chi Minh City 115,000-140,000 dong
Tra Vinh 77,000 dong
Vung Tau 215,000 dong

Map of public transport in Chau Doc

Map of public transport in Chau Doc
(1) Chau Doc bus station (2) Hoa Sen tours (Mr Long) (3) Speed boat landing


The speedboat service to Phnom Penh leaves daily at 08:30 and, as long as there are no delays at the border, takes around six hours to reach the Khmer capital. There are multiple operators who run this service, but the most popular among independent travellers is Hang Chau who charge US$27 for the run.

There are fancier speedboats, including Blue Cruiser, Mandarin Cruiser (US$55), Mekong Cruiser (EU60) and Victoria Hotels (1,935,000 dong) who all charge more and promise variations on a slightly faster and more comfortable experience.

We were told there is also a slower “backpacker boat” which costs $15, but importantly, the boat only goes as far as the border, at which point you then need to walk across the border and you are transferred the rest of the way to Phnom Penh by minibus. In our opinion, if there was ever a case where it is worth paying the extra money to avoid being put into a minibus, this is it.

Getting around

Most of Chau Doc is small enough to walk around. If you want to rent a scooter, Mekong Explore down on the river rent them for 200,000 dong per day. You can also try with your hotel reception and they should be able to rustle up one. Both Victoria Chao Doc and Murray Guesthouse have bicycles—we didn’t see them offered at any other hotels.

For the outlying sites, Sam Mountain and the Cham village are easily reached by bicycle (and ferry). Tram Su is also fun to bicycle too, but bear in mind that depending on the route you take, you’re looking at around a 60km round trip, so be smarter than us and pack sunscreen. If you don’t want to peddle that far, consider hiring a scooter or joining a tour.

Mekong Explore 443 Le Loi St T:(0907) 541 641