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How to get to Can Tho

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Can Tho International Airport (VCA) is about eight kilometres from the city centre. There are domestic flights to Hanoi, Phu Quoc, Da Nang and Con Son Island (Con Dao) serviced by Vietnam Airlines and VietJet Air.


Can Tho bus station (ben xe Can Tho) is around four kilometres southwest of the city centre, across the Can Tho river. Several bus companies operate frequent departures (every 30-60 minutes) around the clock to Ho Chi Minh City, the journey taking four hours depending on traffic.

Bus service is dominated by Phuong Trang (Futa) bus company, the bus ticket includes a free shuttle bus to/from the station. Arrive on a Phuong Trang bus at Can Tho bus station, head inside to the desk and ask for the free shuttle—it will drop you off at any hotel in the city centre. Likewise, your hotel can call Phuong Trang to arrange for pick up and free shuttle to Can Tho bus station.

Phuong Trang sleeper bus to Ho Chi Minh City departs every hour round the clock, every 30 minutes during daylight hours. Often there’s more than one bus, adding buses to meet demand. The trip costs 110,000 dong, takes 4 hours including a 15 minute toilet break. Once you arrive in Ho Chi Minh City’s Mien Tay station, there’s also a free shuttle that will take passengers as far as their depot at the western edge of District 1. If you want to take it, once you disembark from the bus, ignore the taxi drivers and follow other passengers to the Phuong Trang minivans.

Other Phuong Trang routes from Can Tho:
Ca Mau: sitting bus departs regularly from 03:00-19:00. Costs 120,000 dong.
Chau Doc: sitting bus departs from 04:00-19:00. Costs 100,000 dong.
Da Lat: sleeper bus departs at 07:00, 20:30. Costs 325,000 dong.
Rach Gia: sleeper bus departs up to ten times a day from 03:30-19:00. Costs 110,000 dong.

Other bus companies sample destinations and fares from Can Tho bus station:

Thanh Buoi bus company
HCMC: every 30-60 minutes. Costs 110,000 dong and takes 4 hours.
Da Lat: bus departs at 06:00, 20:00. Costs 320,000 dong and takes 11 hours.

Vu Linh bus company
Ca Mau: departs every hour from 04:00-20:00. Costs 110,000-160,000 dong.

Getting around

Meter taxis hang out around the city centre and along the tourist strip but are hard to come by outside this area. Your hotel can also call a Mai Linh taxi. Xe om are not abundantly found.