Photo: Late light on Hon Son.

How to get to and from Hon Son

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Arrive to the pier 30 minutes before scheduled departure.

Hon Son is approximately 29 nautical miles from Rach Gia (pronounced “rat yah”).

Weather permitting, the Nam Du Islands is serviced by Superdong fast ferry. Departing Rach Gia, it stops at Hon Tre, Hon Son (Lai Son) and Nam Du, making a pit stop at each before doing the journey in reverse, returning to Rach Gia.

Superdong ferry to Nam Du departs Rach Gia pier once a day at 07:20. The arrivals are as follows:
Hon Tre: arrives at 07:55 (takes 35 minutes), costs 70,000 dong.
Hon Son (Lai Son): arrives at 08:45 (takes 1 hour 25 minutes), costs 140,000 dong.
Nam Du: arrives at 09:40 (takes 2 hours 20 minutes), costs 210,000 dong.

In reverse, returning to Rach Gia:
Nam Du: departs at 10:15, costs 210,000 dong.
Hon Son: departs at 11:10, costs 140,000 dong.
Hon Tre: departs at 12:00, costs 70,000 dong.
Boat arrives back to mainland Rach Gia at 12:35.

The ferry is efficient, orderly, air-con and comfortable. Seating is assigned and you even get a bottle of water, a moist towelette and entertainment on flatscreen TVs.

You can purchase tickets directly at the Superdong office (open daily 06:00-20:30) located a few blocks behind the Rach Gia pier at 14 To Do St; T: (077) 3877 742;

If you don’t want to buy your return ticket in advance, we were told you can purchase it from a uniformed Superdong representative who is at the pier a couple of hours before departure.

There is no regular boat service between Phu Quoc and Nam Du islands, but you can take the Superdong fast ferry from Phu Quoc to Rach Gia, then take the Superdong to Hon Son.

Slower Ngoc Thanh ferry also services the islands. It departs Rach Gia at 08:05.
Hon Tre: arrives at 08:50, costs 60,000 dong.
Hon Son: arrives at 09:40, costs 135,000 dong.
Nam Du: arrives at 11:30, costs 205,000 dong.

In reverse, returning to Rach Gia:
Nam Du: departs at 12:15, costs 205,000 dong.
Hon Son: departs at 13:00, costs 135,000 dong.
Hon Tre: departs at 14:00, costs 60,000 dong.
Boat arrives back in Rach Gia at 14:45.

Duc Trung / Thanh Tu ferry
Hon Son: departs at 08:00, costs 90,000 dong.

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Getting around

We rented a motorbike from our guesthouse for 130,000 dong. If you want a bicycle, rent one in Rach Gia and bring it with you. Ferries usually allow bicycles and motorbikes on board for a small fee.

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