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How to get to Thanh Hoa

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Thanh Hoa is a local stop, but a few express trains pull in here, but none of these trains stops for more than three minutes, so don't dawdle on the platform. Two shuttles number NA1 and 2, between Vinh and Hanoi makes sense for local trips, but depart at the witching hour and don't stop at Ninh Binh, so don't see a lot of tourist traffic.


Half a kilometre south of the Bo Bridge along Highway 1, the Southern Bus Station offers departures to destinations both north and south, despite the name. T: (037) 395 0264.

Da Nang: costing 260,000, departing at 06:30.
Hanoi: costing 49,000, departs frequently between 05:00 to 18:00. 153 km.
Hue: costing 120,000, departing at 04:00. 550 km.
Ninh Binh: costing 50,000, frequent departures throughout the day. 58 km.
Saigon: costing 260,000, departing at 07:00. 1,700 km.
Vinh: costing 50,000, frequent departures throughout the day. 138 km.