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The closest airport to Ca Na is Cam Ranh International Airport, 95 kilometres north along Highway 1A.


There is a train station but we were told just one train stops, a train to Ho Chi Minh City, scheduled at 13:30.

Otherwise, the closest major train station is in Phan Rang-Thap Cham, 33 kilometres north, or Phan Thiet, 120 kilometres southwest.


There is no official bus station in Ca Na. Highway 1A is your bus station, and it is a matter of flagging down a passing bus or arranging for one to stop to pick you up en route. There are a steady stream of buses headed to Ho Chi Minh City.

The easiest way to get from Ca Na to Mui Ne is to have someone who speaks Vietnamese call Tam Hanh bus company T: (058) 3527 525 and reserve a seat. They have one bus daily departing Nha Trang at 08:00 for Saigon via Mui Ne. Let the bus company know what hotel you are staying at, and they will let you know what time you need to be roadside. As you stand on the highway, keep your eyes peeled for the exact name. Buses and minibuses may stop, will be very pushy and say they are going to Mui Ne when in fact are likely going to Phan Thiet.

The most comfortable way is to call the company again on the day of your travelling to get the telephone number of the driver. Then you can call the driver, and he will call you once the bus is near. All this, of course, hinges on finding someone who speaks Vietnamese and can do this for you.

It’s a comfortable air-conditioned sleeper bus. You’ll have to pay for the full Nha Trang – Mui Ne fare, 100,000 dong,

Alternately, you can take a bus to Phan Thiet or flag down most southbound buses (such as those heading to HCMC) as they will pass through Phan Thiet. From the city you can make your way to Mui Ne, 7-10 kilometres away.

There are local mini buses serving regional routes such as Phan Rang. They depart the harbour/fishing village when full and make stops to pick up/drop off people and goods. It costs 18,000 dong.

Getting around

Xe om (motorcycle taxis) are scarce – you may actually start to miss those guys pestering you to take a ride – where are they when you really need them? Ask your hotel and they’ll wake someone up to take you. Hotels here don’t rent motorbikes or bicycles – and the xe om driver knows it. We were quoted exorbitant rates.

Exploring the town by foot is doable but challenged by busy highway traffic, hot asphalt and scorching heat.