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How to get to Phan Rang Thap Cham

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The closest airport to Phan Rang Thap Cham is Cam Ranh International Airport (CXR), 60 kilometres north on the coast. The airport is used as the gateway to popular beach destination Nha Trang (30 kilometres north of the airport), but a taxi can easily be hired to take you south. A prearranged pick-up is best, and it will cost 600,000 dong. A legitimate meter taxi is around 700,000 dong, taking an hour.


The Thap Cham train station is located in the northwest corner of the city, only a few blocks from the Poklong Garai Cham towers. It is a regular stop on the Reunification Express train line.

To Hanoi: SE2, SE4, SE8, SE6, TN2
To Saigon: SE25, SE7, SNT5, SE5, SNT7, TN1, SNT1, SE21, SE1, SE3
To Nha Trang: SE2, SE26, SE4, SNT2, SNT6, SE8, SE6, SE22, TN2

A few meter taxis hang out in front of the station. A taxi from the train station to Ninh Chu Beach should be around 170,000 dong.


Phan Rang's bus station is located on Highway 1A, between Truong Dinh Street and QL27. Bus service is limited and not frequent so plan ahead. Xe om drivers hang out in front of the station.

If you’re staying in Ninh Chu, rather than make the journey into the city to buy a ticket at the station (which may not have staff present selling tickets), for a small fee your hotel can arrange for the bus ticket, often with better bus companies that are passing through and Phan Rang is not a scheduled stop. Bus companies sometimes include pick up from your hotel in Ninh Chu.

Sample destinations
HCMC: departs regularly from 04:00 to 10:00. Costs 145,000 dong.
Nha Trang: departs hourly from 06:00-15:00. Costs 60,000 - 70,000 dong and takes
Phan Thiet: departs hourly from 06:00-13:00. Costs 60,000 – 70,000 dong and takes
Da Nang: sleeping bus departs at 16:00. Costs 200,000 dong.
Hue: sleeping bus departs at 16:00. Costs 250,000 dong.
Vung Tau: departs at 08:15. Costs 144,000 dong.

Buon Ma Thuot: sitting bus departs at 06:00. Costs 110,000 dong and takes 8 hrs. Sleeping bus departs at 20:30 and takes 8 hrs. Costs 150,000 dong.

Mui Ne: departs Nha Trang bus station at 08:00. Call Tam Hanh bus company T: (058) 352 7525 to arrange for pick up en route. Costs 100,000 dong.

Getting around

Motorbike rentals are available at hotels in Ninh Chu. Minh Duc Guesthouse rents them for 100,000 dong a day.

Meter taxis and xe-om are also an option, the hotel can call you one.
Mai Linh T: (068) 3898 989
Sun Taxi T: (068) 385 8585
Taxi Asia T: (068) 3535 3535