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Got a long lay-over at Changi Airport? Singapore’s small size coupled with its efficient public transportation means even with just a few hours to spare it’s possible to venture into the city. Thankfully Changi Airport has excellent left luggage services so there’s no need to drag your suitcase along when you’re meeting the Merlion or chowing down on chilli crab.

Left luggage services at Changi Airport are open 24 hours and can be found in Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3. The left luggage counters are well marked with signs saying ‘Left Baggage’ and located in the public area and in the secure area – that’s right, two per terminal. The fee depends on the size of your luggage and how many days you need it stored.

Offload your luggage before hitting the city

Offload your luggage before hitting the city.

For the first 24 hours of storage, the charge is S$1.07 for a loose item (such as a coat or shopping bag), S$3.21 for a small bag (under 10kg), S$4.28 for a large bag (over 10kg), and S$8.56 for an odd size item (such as sports equipment). For each additional 24-hour period the charge is S$2.14, S$4.28, S$5.35, and S$10.70 respectively. The odd prices are because they include 7% GST.

For security purposes, you need to show your passport before they will accept your luggage and it may be examined or X-rayed while in storage. The fee can be paid in Singapore dollars or by credit card. The airport is not responsible for stored items, but you can feel confident that they are very secure.

Visit the Changi Airport website for more information or maps showing the location of each left luggage counter.

Remember, if you don’t plan to leave the airport during your lay-over, Changi Airport has plenty of fun and completely free activities to kill the time.

In Terminal 1, left luggage services are operated by Harilela Hospitality.
T1 Secure Area: (65) 6214 0318
T1 Public Area: (65) 6214 0628

In Terminal 2 and 3, left luggage services are operated by EASYBAGY.
T2 Secure Area: (65) 6214 0448
T2 Public Area: (65) 6214 1683
T3 Secure Area: (65) 6214 0672
T3 Public Area: (65) 6242 8936

Last updated on 13th November, 2014.

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