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If you’re going to be in Singapore for a while a stored value EZ-link card for public transportation is a wise investment. The S$5 cost of the card is non-refundable but it quickly pays for itself. How quickly? For stays of 5 days or longer I suspect you’ll be glad to have one. Here are a few reasons why.

1. It’s convenient. Simply tap your card on the reader when you get on and off the bus or MRT and the fare is automatically deducted from your balance. No more searching for exact change for the bus or queuing to buy single-use MRT tickets!

2. It’s cheaper. For example, adult fare from Changi Airport to Orchard MRT is S$2 if you’re paying cash and S$1.67 if you pay with EZ-link. The difference is small but adds up if you frequently use public transit.

3. Transfer rebates. If you’re paying cash you need to pay both full fares when you transfer from the MRT to a bus (like when you’re going to the zoo) or to a different bus. If you’re using an EZ-link card a transfer rebate up to S$1 will automatically be applied.

4. Lots of places accept EZ-link. You can use it to pay for purchases at 7-11, certain restaurants and coffee shops, and SMRT taxi fares.

5. The balance is refundable. Though the initial S$5 you pay for the card is non-refundable, the stored balance can be refunded at the customer service desk at any MRT station. Or you could just pass it on to a fellow traveler for good karma.

You can purchase an EZ-link card at MRT stations, 7-11 convenience stores, and post offices.

Last updated on 13th November, 2014.

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