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After reading our section on Less is More you're probably thinking you'll be needing an advanced degree in Travel Planning 101 before embarking on your trip. In fact the opposite is the case.

Travel planning should be easy and need not be too detailed. One of the more disappointing experiences is when your trip is nothing but a series of missed deadlines and connections.

When you're trip planning, concentrate on the broad strokes -- getting from A to B -- don't worry about what you're actually going to see, nor how you're going to see it. How broad the strokes depends on the individual.

Some people are happy with something like:

Others may go for:

While others still may opt for:

There's nothing wrong with any of the above, though when you see a trip plan which starts like the following you start to worry:

Having some kind of trip plan is a good idea. It will help you organise your time and get the most out of your trip.

Just don't forget that one of the ideas of having a holiday is to relax, unwind and have a good time. A trip plan which tries to fit in too much or is the length of a thesis will not help you relax, nor will it help you have fun.

If it takes you more than five minutes to explain what you're doing in your trip, chances are you've planned too much!


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