Photo: A morning pick-me-up in Tra Vinh, Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

What is Travelfish?

Travelfish is an online travel guide to much of Southeast Asia. We’ve been online since 2004. What’s an online travel guide? Think traditional guide book, but online—we’re kinda like that.

So now you know what we are.

Why join Travelfish?

When you join Travelfish, you:

* Get access to 200+ PDF guides to destinations across the region
* Will be able be post your questions on the forum
* Will get discount coupons for ticketing and travel
* Will get a 50% discount on our personalised travel planning services

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Why is membership A$35?

Travelfish operates on a strict no-freebie and no-discounted travel basis. We always pay our own way, and we’ve operated like this since 2004. We pay our writers fair rates, too. When you pay to join, you support a model that values independence and fairness.

We think a A$35 annual membership is a very reasonable charge for the thousands of hours of labour our team of researchers put in.

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More questions?

Contact co-founder Stuart McDonald with any questions about joining Travelfish.

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